MAPLEWOOD SWIMMING CLUB 202 W. Hartsdale Ave PO Box 213 Hartsdale, NY 10530 Ph: 4466- (914) 713 

President: Richard Lewis (914)527.7574 Treasurer: Craig Mondschein (516) 297.3557 Good Health Supervisor: David Glickenstein (347) 866.0760 

Pool Director: Liam Broderick (914) 522-2627 Assistant Director: Mike Ferrari (914) 621.8160 

Arrival at the Club 

  • All members will practice social distancing (6 feet or more) while waiting to check in 
  • Masks will be available if members need them 
  • Member temperatures will be scanned 
  • Sanitizers will be available 
  • Members will be offered an escort to a spot to park themselves at least 6 feet from other families/members until the habit is ingrained. 
  • Members will be discouraged not to linger at the entrance 
  • Members can place their gear 6+ feet from all walks and paths 
  • All overnight chairs will be parked at the West wall 
  • No guests will be permitted until we can monitor social distancing effectiveness. 


  • Observe the signs and follow instructions, especially regarding masks and distancing 
  • Be alert for all safety markings and directions 

Rules of Behavior 

  • All members MUST follow directions from staff or risk being asked to leave 
  • All children under 12 must be under parental control at all times 

Masks will be required 

  • Whenever members leave their chairs, including the walk to the locker room, pool, tennis, or snack bar 
  • Masks will not be worn in the pool. It’s recommended members carry a pouch or bag to leave their masks on a table adjacent to the pool. 

Locker Rooms and Bathrooms 

  • Maximum number of persons: 5 at a time 
  • Locker rooms will be checked and cleaned hourly 
  • It’s recommended that members change into their bathing gear before coming to the club to reduce locker room traffic. 
  • It’s recommended that members shower at home. 
  • Locker rooms will be monitored by staff to keep occupancy within social distancing rules. 
  • Some shower stalls, sinks, toilets, and urinals will be closed to ensure proper distancing 

Swimming pools 

  • Lifeguards/Staff will determine if the pool is approaching the maximum number of swimmers: Main pool: 40 Kiddie pool: 10 
  • Continue 6 ft. distance while your head isn’t in the water 
  • No floatation devices except children’s safety vests and noodles 
  • Lifeguards will determine if lap lanes need to be reduced or eliminated during high traffic 
  • Members won’t linger/chat around the pool steps 

Eating and drinking 

  • We encourage members to eat and drink at their spots 
  • Picnic tables are still available but tables must be cleaned by diners 
  • Snack bar will only serve pre-packaged drinks, ice cream and snacks. 
  • There will be no cooking or heating of food 
  • Local restaurant menus/delivery will still be available. 

General member instructions 

  • Try extra hard to be nice to everyone, particularly the staff 
  • If you have a problem, speak to Liam Broderick or Mike Ferrari. 
  • If you still have a problem, speak to Dave Glickenstein or a Board member 

Staff instructions 

  • All staff will be tested for Covid prior to season opening 
  • Staff will have cleaning, desk, locker and patrol assignments between guard shifts 
  • Masks will be worn at all times except on the guard chairs 
  • Asst. Dir. will be responsible for proper PPE distribution, discard, and control 
  • Asst. Dir. will be responsible for maintaining all cleaning logs 
  • Asst Dir. will be responsible sanitizer and other supplies are available to all 

Employee Screening 

  • Directors will be responsible for screening employees (and each other) each day with temperature checks, verbal confirmation of good health including sending employees home or recommending they seek medical help or testing 
  • Directors will be responsible that any service people that are providing services at the Club are complying with our rules including sending employees home or recommending they seek medical help or testing 
  • Directors will inform the President or other Board officer of any confirmed sickness to determine: a) if any special cleaning is needed b) if contact tracing is appropriate c) if club needs to close 
  • Director (Liam Broderick) will report to the State and Dept. of Health of any positive Covid 19 cases. 

By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read, understood, and will follow all rules made by Maplewood Swim & Tennis.

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